Asphalt Primer – Acqua

Mastic Weda Range - Waterproofing material

Product composed of asphalt solution diluted in water, developed particularly for bonding asphalt blankets and adhesive tapes. Easy to apply, it is free of solvents and aggressive odors, providing great adhesion power and preventing water infiltration.

Available Sizes:
  • Plastic Bucket: 900ml
  • Plastic Bucket: 3,6l
  • Plastic Bucket: 18l
  • Drum: 200l
Onde Aplicar:
Primer for applying self-adhesive tapes and blankets
Primer for applying self-adhesive tapes and blankets

Average consumption: 300 ml / m²

Average yield:

900 ml bucket – 3 m²
3.6 liter bucket – 12 m²
200 liter drum – 660 m²


Density: 1.20 g / cm³
Appearance: Black Liquid
Basic composition: Coal tar

Validity: 24 months

Substrate preparation:
The substrate must be clean, free of oils, greases, free of particulate matter. Drying time 8hrs.

Product preparation:
Ready-to-use product. Use a clean tool and mix the product.

Apply the PRIMER FOR MANTA ASFÁLTICA ACQUA pure, in a single coat, respecting the consumption of 300 ml per m², drying time of 3 to 5 days. The ACQUA ASPHALT BLANKET PRIMER can be applied by brush, sheep wool roller or soft bristle broom.

In case of post-contact discomfort, consult a doctor with the basic composition of the product and its MSDS.

SAFETY RECOMMENDATIONS: Before starting work, consult the MSDS available at (QR CODE OF THE COMPANY SITE).

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