Asphalt emulsion “HF” – Liquid Blanked

Mastic Weda Range - Waterproofing material

Formulated based on asphalt emulsified with water. Easy to apply, it generates the formation of an elastic and flexible film, generating post-drying waterproofing.

Available sizes:
  • Plastic Bucked: 900ml
  • Plastic Bucked: 3,6l
  • Plastic Bucked: 18l
  • Drum: 200l
Onde Aplicar:
Foundations (baldrames, footings and blocks)
Foundations (baldrames, footings and blocks)
Retaining walls and concrete curtains
Retaining walls and concrete curtains
Solid and precast slabs
Solid and precast slabs
Wet and wettable areas
Wet and wettable areas

Average consumption: 200ml / m²

Average yield:
900 ml bucket – 5 m²
3.6 liter bucket – 18 m²
18 liter bucket – 90 m²
200 liter drum – 1000 m²

Density: 1.00 g / cm³
Appearance: Brown Liquid
Basic composition: Asphalt emulsion

Shelf Life: 24 months

Substrate preparation:
The substrate must be clean, free of oils, greases, free of particulate matter.

Product preparation:
Ready-to-use product. Use a clean tool and mix the product.

The ASPHALT EMULSION “HF” must be applied as a paint, with a brush, soft bristle broom, short-haired sheep wool roller, in coats, respecting the consumption per m², the drying time of each coat is 8 hours. To apply the ASPHALT EMULSION “HF” the surface must be completely dry. Apply the 1st coat of ASPHALT EMULSION “HF” for penetration and the rest must be plentiful.

Store the product in a ventilated and covered place, keeping it away from animals and children.

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment):
Ready-to-use product. Use a clean tool and mix the product.

Safety glasses;
Semi-facial mask with filter suitable for organic vapors;
PVC gloves;
PVC apron.

First aid:
Eye contact: wash with plenty of running water for at least 15 minutes. Search for a doctor.
Skin contact: remove the product with a clean cloth. Wash with plenty of running water and mild soap.
Inhalation: remove to fresh, ventilated environment.
Ingestion: do not induce vomiting. Search for a doctor

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