Pitch powder 110

Coal tar products

Material of black color, solid and of characteristic odor, when heated.

Onde Aplicar:

For the manufacture of Soderberg paste electrode, punching dough for the steel industry. It is also applied in the manufacture of primary aluminum and metallurgy. In the agglutination of ores that are intended to feed the blast furnace. For the manufacture of dough for steel blast furnace channels, in the manufacture of paint or anti-corrosion solution, in the coating of ovens, in the manufacture of crucibles for copper, lead, smelting etc.

It becomes essential when the product is in use: do not smoke, avoid flames or sparks, avoid sparks, avoid contact with skin, eyes and clothing. Indoors, ensure complete aeration using, if possible, forced ventilation to avoid accumulation of gases until the product is dry. In case of toxicity due to inhalation of the vapor concentration, remove the affected person to fresh air and in cases of acute intoxication, seek medical assistance. Remove contaminated clothing and dispose of it. In case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with running water. In case of fire, use dry chemical powder, foam, sand or earth. Any product residue that dries in contact with the skin must be removed with an appropriate solvent.

Maximum working temperature according to instructions and precautions.160ºC

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